The amazing thing- it is seen by all of your friends.

          What is a Social Booth? A new way for your friends to enjoy all the photos of everyone at your event. We offer a photobooth/social booth that allows us to give your guests a card where they can find the photos within 24 hours on facebook. They can then tag, share, identify, print, comment, download and do whatever they want with the photos. Your photos are shared and enjoyed by everyone.  Share the fun with Everyone!!!!   This stuff is viral!!!! Of course you not only get this, but a copy of the files for yourself .
The traditional approach is when a strip of 3 or 4 images are printed. Usually two sets are created, one going to the guest and the other going to you. Often these are put in books or albums for you to keep. While we do offer the traditional approach if requested, after much research and questioning both guests and hosts of events we discovered the following: Most guests strips either get lost, end up crumpled and found later in the wash or are damaged in handling. Also while you get a copy only one person in a group can get the other copy.  Most of the time there is always more than one person in the booth. Also they are generally a bit on the “smallish” side. So we thought there must be a better idea.  The Social Booth!  The Social Booth with pricing starting at $380.00  for the first two hours and $100.00 for each added hour.  Our clients have been really liking the idea of sharing and posting to facebook. Questions??? Call 262-515-7309, or simply send an email here or use this contact form here.
   Like props too?  Let us know, we can do that too for a small extra fee.    The area that we generally service is Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. This includes Kenosha, Pleasant Praire, Racine, Lake Geneva, Zion, Waukegan, Wadsworth, Libertyville. We are available 7 days a week.