Our goal to give our couples the best photography at provide a great value.  All of our packages include: Michael Candee as lead photographer, an engagement session, internet posting if requested, a generous print credit, as well as a copy of your files. We may often include a second photographer.  Our commissions to shooting  weddings are around 8 per year. However if you really love our stuff, give us a call and if the date is open – we will see what we can do. We absolutely love photographing weddings for people that appreciate our work.  Wedding offerings start at $1600.00.  What we create for you is ultimately priceless and the most important part of your wedding. Talk to past couples and they will tell you the photos bring back the day……….
images  RED FLAG!!!
 The business of wedding photography has been overrun with new inexperienced photographer’s.   I have found that soo many of the newbies are not well prepared to shoot a wedding.  While I understand that budgets can often command actions- such as hiring a cheap photographer. I urge you to rethink if this is a good place to cut corners. In the end you will have your photos as a lasting memory of your big day. You might be taking a big chance on inexperience.  If however that is the route you choose please insist and check that your photographer has adequate back up equipment.  They should have a minimum of two bodies and two flash units. They should have at least 3 lenses.  Please do yourself a favor and make sure you are at least covered with a photog that has backups.  Believe me… things can go wrong and do. That is more often what sets the pros apart from the newbies.